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Friday, January 11, 2013

Luna Park!

Every year just before Christmas time, a caravan of trucks on barges make their way towards Venice.  They unload along the riva close to the Giardini, and like magic, a carnival is born. It's probably the least likely thing you would expect to see here in Venice, but, there it is. A carnival such as this is called Luna Park in Italian.

The weather has been quite foggy for the last several weeks, typical weather here in Venice. Fortunately, I caught a lovely sunny afternoon last week and managed to get some decent shots of our Luna Park this year.

What is interesting to me is there are no signs anywhere advertising Luna Park. If you live anywhere in the city where you do not regularly get to the Via Garibaldi area, you would never even know Luna Park is in operation. It doesn't seem to get much traffic either. So grab your kids, head on down to the riva between Via Garibaldi and Giardini. Spend a few Euro, have some fun. 

Nutella. Obviously!

 Wouldn't be a carnival without a few arcade games, would it? 

An alternative name for this post ought to be "Monkeys in Venice!"

Italian Sponge Bob!  

I watched this girl for probably 15 minutes. She was having one grand old time.

Walking through Luna Park made me wish I could go borrow someone's child and hop on those bumper cars, play a few shoot-the-can games, win a stuffed toy or two, and eat some cotton candy. It's still there this week, there's still time!


Dianne said...

Thanks Karen for the lovely pictures. You're right -- not something you would expect to see in Venice!

Peter and Amy said...

Hi Karen, My name is Amy and my husband, Peter, and our daughter will be moving to Venice this year. Our story is, it appears, slightly similar to yours. We left NYC in 2011 and moved to the island of Pantelleria, Italy's most southern point. We would love to connect with you and chat. We would love to loan you our child for Luna Park 2014. Our friend just emailed us pictures of her on the bruco in November! Our blog is www.flourishnourishinpantelleria.blogspot.com and our email flourishnourishinpantelleria@gmail.com. it woudl be ownderufl to connect. Congratulations on living the dream and your 5 year anniversary!!!