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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy 5 to me!

Yesterday was a big day for me, the 5th anniversary of the day I arrived in Venice to begin living here full time. It's been five years of all ups, not one down that I can think of. There has been a minor bump in the road here and there, but nothing that I could classify as a "down".

After five years of my Venice experience, here's what I know-

I've changed.  Venice has changed me.

I've slowed down. I don't whiz through each day.  I've learned how to savor the little moments. I can sit in one place now and just breathe in and out, enjoying the views around me without feeling like I should be rushing somewhere to do heaven knows what. I can just sit and stay in the moment.

Eating is an experience, almost a celebration of good fresh ingredients, it's not just a task. I eat fresh foods every day, which have been purchased in the same day.

I've learned how to live without all the trappings of life I used to think I had to have. I own far fewer clothes and other things, spend far less on "stuff" than I did in my previous life.  I've simplified and have learned to live very happily with less. Downsizing is good.

I'm more healthy than I have been in years. All the stress of my former career is gone, and so are the health issues I suffered from. Walking every day in Venice doesn't hurt either.

I have developed a much greater appreciation for art and history.  I spend my days right smack in the middle of some of the world's most incredible art, in a place rich in history. How could I not soak up a little?  I have always been a science and technology person. Well, not so much anymore.

I think I've figured out the most important thing, which is to live each day to fullest. Life is short. There is no guarantee of any tomorrows,  each today has to be the best day I can make it. This has become my mantra.

I know that I could not go back to my old life, not for anything. So, no looking back. Only looking forward.

To each of you who read my blog, to all of you who send me comments and emails, and to those who have even been brave enough to come meet me in person, I want to extend a huge thank you. I hope you will continue to accompany on my adventures. You honor me.

Hope you will all join me in a toast to my 5 years, and to another 5 and another 5 and another 5......


Rob C said...

Bonne Anniversaire Karen ( and Mike) , and to many more....

Linda Sue said...

Toasting right now! CHEERS! Love your blog!

jodi said...

I raise a glass of vino to you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Karen! I have enjoyed vicariously following your adventure and I dearly hope to get back to Venice one day to meet you in person! Cheers!!!

Capturing Venice said...

Happy Anniversary and thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

I am bringing my husband to Venice later this year - for the first time since we've been married. You reminded me of some of the things I'd love for him to experience in Venice - to slow down and appreciate being in one beautiful place.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

Regards, Karen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with such wit and insight. Each time there is a new page on your blog, it is such a great pleasure. I am holding a glass of Prosecco as I send this and say to you and your husband AUGURI

Murissa @TheWanderfullTraveler said...

Happy Anniversary to you!
I miss Venice. It's one of my favourite cities and I was lucky enough to study art there for 3 weeks in 2010.

I hope to get back in 2014 or 2015 with my sister who has yet to go.
I look forward to reading more of you!

Cat said...

Buon anniversario, my dear friend! <3

Christy said...

Auguri, Karen.

Nice to meet you earlier this month. Hope to see you again later this year when we return for our annual visit.

Besides missing bella Venezia, I am experiencing withdrawal from the fresh food from the Rialto market specially the fish and seafood. Back to prepackaged stuff!

Sandra said...

Buon Anniversary to 5 years, and to many more! I so enjoy reading each and every one of your new entries. You always have such a positive outlook on each day, and I love reading about my favorite city in the whole world!

Also, thank you for all the great photos of Carnavale from yesterday! Loved seeing them.

Dianne said...

Karen, let me ad my congratulations on your 5th anniversary. Venice is such a special place. Thank you for allowing us to share its uniqueness through you.

Susie L said...

Congratulations Karen, what an achievement!

Laurie G said...

Happy 5th anniversary Karen!
I loved everything about your post today, Venice is indeed a very special enchanting place and it just kinda takes over your heart and soul! I can't wait to get back there in September!! Thank you for sharing your everyday with all of us! I hope I get to meet you when I am there!! :)

The Dublin Diary said...

Happy anniversary Karen :)

Hotel venice airport said...

I am glad to find another person bewitched by the beauty of La Serenissima! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

A year and a bit after the fact, L'Chaim!

Marsha, Toronto