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Sunday, April 19, 2015

My new transportation

I've surprised myself once again, I've gone and done something I didn't think I would ever do. 

I have been content to use my feet to get me from Point A to Point B -and sometimes C most days, supplementing with the vaporetto depending on where I need to get to. Until we moved to Sant'Elena, I rarely ever went over to the Lido. And if I did, I walked once I arrived there. 

This year I find myself on the Lido often. If I need to go to a grocery store, it's actually easier to do it there at the large Coop or the new Conad store (formerly Billa, which, for the record, I miss terribly).  I make it a weekly ritual on Tuesday mornings to go to the mercatino there, and now I've added on Friday mornings as well. Some of our new favorite restaurants are there.  And it won't be long before the beaches are open again for the season. 

Recently at lunch with some friends, who all live on the Lido, I was asked if I kept a bicycle there. No, I don't have one.  One of the women immediately suggested that she give me her old one, which was sitting in the garage now that she had a new one, and her husband was urging her to get rid of it. The only problem was it had a flat tire. I didn't think that was an issue, I was happy to figure out how to get the tire fixed.  I didn't even need to do that, she took it to her local bike shop for me! She'd warned me it was old, and had lots of rust. In my opinion that would be just perfect for the Lido and me! 

The next week we made arrangements for me to come over and pick it up from the bike shop. For 9 euros I had a brand new inner tube, filled with air, and a lovely set of new wheels for me.  
This baby has a bell, 2 baskets, a mirror, a light, a brand new seat, and a fender!  And it's blue, my favorite color even.  I have hit the lottery on this one! 

The bike came home to Sant'Elena so I could have Mike adjust the seat for me. 

I've purchased a brand new bike lock, I'm ready to take it back over to the Lido where it will take up residence in one of the several bike lots in and around the area by the vaporetto stop. My bike will fit right in with it's neighbors- old rusty beach bikes, just perfect for getting around when I want to explore the seawalls along Malamocco or make a trip to the mercatino, or pedal on down to the spiaggia ( beach).  The only thing I need to do is break a bottle of prosecco over the handle bars to christen it!

It's been years since I've biked much, I must admit I'm a bit leery, but with practice I am confident I'll be fine.  I'll be just like Miss Gulch in the Wizard of Oz , except I'll be sporting a huge smile. 


Yvonne said...

I had a look at your bike in an enlarged format, she's a little beauty! And, you're right, the bike will be right at home with the rest of the gang on the Lido. You're going to enjoy the freedom bikes can afford this summer, zooming along the seawalls. Whee!!!

Anne Vance said...

Hooray! Have you christened it (her?) yet?

maryk said...

I'm looking forward to some photos of you peddling! And then, of course, a personal introduction to your new set of wheels.

Michelle said...

Hurray for you.
I actually never learned to ride a bike, probably the only deprivation of my otherwise normal childhood. I tried (sort of) to learn as an adult and failed miserably. Unlikely at my age now to ever learn.
I can just envision you sailing along with pane è fiori in your basket!

BaileyZimmerman said...

Karen what a grand new adventure!
It's been years since I've bikedon the streets. I have use a stationary bike...does that count?😉

Denise Young said...

Bikes and Dragon Boats! The only way to get around Venice in style!


Elyce de Reefe said...

Hey, I'm in your Alpha class, just read your blog, love your bike story. Ah, Venizia... I studied in Italy in college (so many years ago) and still miss it. Your pictures are great. Thanks for posting them.

Would love to hear about your WIP - is it in Italy?



karen said...

Ciao, Elyce!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! What a great surprise!

My WIP is not set in Italy, but I have several projects I need to begin that will be set here. All in good time ...

First have to get through some of these writing classes, and revising the current one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. Your bike looks great! I haven't ridden a bike in about 20 years, I don't think I would know how anymore ha ha!
I've been silently following your blog for about 3 years now. Every couple of months I check in and get a glimpse of what life is like in gorgeous Venice. I am so thrilled to have booked an Italian holiday that includes 3 nights in Venice in January. I can't wait! what would you say are the must-see's of this beautiful city (apart from Saint Marks Square and the Doge's Palace of course)?

Greetings from Australia,