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Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl 2013!

We watched every second of this nail-biter, cheering on our home boys, the Baltimore Ravens, finally crawling to bed at 4:51 am!  On Venice time, the game didn't even start until 12:30 am, but we wouldn't have missed this one for the world. 

The San Francisco 49's played a great second half. Down to the last remaining minutes the game could have gone either way. We are excited, elated, exhausted, and wishing a tiny bit that we also were in Baltimore today to be celebrating. 

Not sure what happened to the stadium lighting- having half of them go out for 30 plus minutes was something no one had expected, and added a bit more drama to the whole night. 

Congratulations to the 2013 SuperBowl Champions, the Baltimore Ravens. 

Congratulations to Ray Lewis  , we're excited for him to be retiring on a Super Bowl win. He's devoted 17 years to the Ravens team, I know Baltimore is proud of him. 

Congratulations to Joe Flacco. Great post-season games, and well deserved MVP award last night.

Congratulations to John Harbaugh. 

Congratulations to the entire Ravens team. Great night, great win, great season.

Congratulations to Baltimore. This city sticks behind it's teams. I know everyone will be celebrating this one. 

We're with you over here! Purple Reign!!!


Dianne said...

I am curious if you got to see the commercials. When the Chicago Bears played in the 1986 Super Bowl while we were living in Paris, instead of viewing the commercials, the station paned the audience (at the time French television did not break into programs very much with publicity). Congrats to your team. As neither the Bears nor the Dolphins weren't in the Super Bowl, we really didn't watch until the end. And you are right -- it was exciting!

karen said...

Yes, we saw all the commercials, and the half time, which we thought would have been blocked out on us. We also got to see every minute of the stadium losing half it's lights. Nice delay of game play for 40 minutes, not nice for us being up till nearly 5am. We were exhausted on Monday, but happy for Baltimore and the Ravens.