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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Post Carnevale- Snow!

Last week, at the very tail end of the Carnevale season, the weather forecasts were so dire it was all we could think about. All the costumes and masks were forgotten. Snow and exceptional aqua alta were on the way.  And we did get it. In my little corner of the world the snow stayed on the ground for 3 days- almost unheard of for Venice. Very fortunately for everyone, the predicted 160 cm of water only turned out to be 143 cm, thanks to a sudden shifting of the winds. Who are we kidding! 143 cm of water is high enough. I can't even imagine what 160 cm would have been like.

Snow in Sant'Elena

The forecast for the next 2 days is more snow. Based on how cold yesterday and today have been, I believe we will definitely get it.  We'll  have to wait and see just how much actually comes down.  I'll be at my position at the window waiting and watching. 

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