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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wrapping up summer....

August being the month of the Ferragosto holiday celebrated all over Italy, I decided I too would partake of a bit of holiday and do what the Italians do- go to la spiaggia , the beach.  With a month's pass to my favorite little private beach on the Lido tucked into my beach bag, along with a few other essentials (sunscreen, beach towels and a Donna Leon book), I was set. I left my beach bag near the front door, poised at the ready for any day I could make a quick getaway and grab a few hours on the Lido.  

During the early weeks of August, the beach was packed. And I do mean packed!  Now I was experiencing first hand where everyone headed when they closed their shops and cafes for the month!!  They must have all been here at the Lido with me.  However, when I took up my beach chair the other day on one of the last days of the month, I had the place to myself. Everyone had gone back to work! This was a little bit of heaven on the Adriatic. 

This is my new office on the Lido !!!  See you all in about 2 weeks when the beaches close
for the season. 

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