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Saturday, December 29, 2007

365 days of Venice- in Castello

Castello is one of the six Siesteres ( districts) of Venice. It's boundaries run from just beyond the bridge of Sighs to the western tip of Venice. It's here you will find the Arsenale, the Biennale, San Zaccharia church, Campo Maria Formosa, Marco Polo's home, the Giardini, and Via Garibaldi, to name just a few of it's highlights.

If you wander down towards the Giardini, you will find Via Garibaldi, pictured above. Most tourists stop walking way before they ever get this far into Castello, but it's here where you will find the locals out and about. This is a great example of backstreet Venice - one of the areas you should seek if you want to find the real Venice.

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