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Monday, November 23, 2015

Meet the Venetian artist behind the doors of Plum Plum Creations

Often the best things about Venice are the surprises that come when you are lucky enough to get a peek behind a closed door.  I'd say one of those was the day I was invited to meet Arianna Sautariello at her studio tucked back in a far corner of  Cannaregio, not far from the Church of Maddonna dell'Orto.

Arianna is the creative genius of Plum Plum Creations, her endeavor to share her original engravings, drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculptures.  I'd seen a watercolor of hers and was so intrigued by it I couldn't wait to meet this talented artist. Arianna and her husband Nicolo graciously spent time explaining the techniques Arianna uses and the complexities of her work while Arianna demonstrated her print making.

The first engraving she showed me was a commissioned creation for a local hotel. She starts with a hand drawn detailed sketch, which is then transferred to a piece of metal (copperplate) upon which she etches the drawing line by line. Arianna still uses the printing techniques of the 1500's called calcografia.

While we surround ourselves with modern technology every day, stepping into Arianna's studio is like taking a step back in time. She's preserving an old art form while she uses it to express what she sees and feels in current day Venice.

Arianna at work

A look at the printing process - each print done individually. 

A finished etching

Watercolors of Venice

Arianna's paintings and etching capture all the architectural elements of Venice in fine detail, and yet they also exhibit her unique style.

Next time you are in Venice, take a walk in one of the lesser known neighborhoods to meet one of Venice's special artisans. Instead of taking home a mass produced mask for a souvenir, consider purchasing one of Arianna's engravings or watercolors.  These also the make perfect gifts for someone you know who loves Venice.

You can tour Arianna's studio with her and see first hand how she creates her beautiful engravings. Please see  her website at Plum Plum Creations for more information or to purchase any of her marvelous creations for yourself.

Grazie, Arianna! 


Michelle said...

Thank you for introducing us to this artist.
I think you already know that I adore water colors. I think I can grow to love etchings too.
Hope all is well with you and Mike.
Michelle and Diavolo (who is curled up sleeping like a normal cat in our cold weather...first frost this week)

karen said...

Ciao, Michelle and Diavolo!

I hope you'll get to meet Arianna next time you are in Venice. I've been so blessed to have the opportunity to meet her and peek into her studio.

All's well here. Winter has finally arrived, we're getting cold, fog and a bit of acqua alta too!

Stay warm!

Dianne said...

Karen, thanks for introducing us to Arianna. I will certainly contact her when I am next in Venice. I loved her watercolors that you had on your blog. I haven't read your blog for a while so it was good to catch up. Have you had the operation on your finger yet. Hope all went well. We are back in Naples, FL and yesterday was the first day that it was actually cool (in the 60's at the start of the morning with a lot of wind.) I played golf today and it started cool but turned out to be a beautiful day. Floridians wait for this cooler weather because it can be so humid here. Humidity never bothered me but as I get older I find it harder to take. We are near Thanksgiving as you know. We are not going to celebrate with a big turkey but rather a small barbecue and then watching our favorite television programs on Netflix. Much better than stuffing ourselves (but I will miss the pumpkin pie).

Maggie Bedford said...

Beautiful work. I couldn't agree more about bypassing the mass-produced (usually outside Italy...) tourist tat and seeking out the real Venetian artists. There are plenty to be found. Thanks for sharing this one.

karen said...

Ciao Maggie! You are most welcome. Meeting Arianna was a pleasure, she absolutely merits lots of accolades.