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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Blogging from the beach (Warning, this may contain sand)

Trying something new today. I've been spending a lot of time "fuori" (outside /away) from the house lately, and thought I'd attempt a bit of blogging on the run using my iPad. 

If this works well enough for me, it may well be the answer to one of the issues I've struggled with all summer. How to find enough time to keep up with writing. Heck, I haven't been able to find enough time to get to the beach even. Wouldn't it be heaven if I can connect the two? I'd even suffer with some sand on the iPad screen now and then! 

The Blogger app on the iPad is pretty bare bones. i can post photos, and have only bold or italics for text enhancement. No other fonts or font sizes to choose from... but... Bare bones from the beach or on the go could be just what this girl needs.  

Stay tuned for more from capanna 169 - my beach home on the Lido.  Right now I have one other little technological problem to resolve. Must email myself some photos that are on my smartphone so I have access to them here on the iPad. 

Ciao tutti! 


Unknown said...

I post from my iPad all the time. Wordpress is great for this. They also don't have all that silly sign in stuff for comments.

Anne V said...

And read on my iPhone!! Technology triumph Karen, & a great mental image as well

Michelle said...

What's a little sand between the toes among friends?
Blogging from the beach is a great idea!

BaileyZimmerman said...

I love my iPad!
I use it more than my computer.
I never found a better solution when I had a Smartphone. I'd just email myself my images.
Miss you!! See you in December!

Denise Young said...

Ah! I almost feel like I am there! LOVE the new picture on the Website!

Denise (dreaming of being in Venice!)

Yvonne said...

How nice to click on your link and find a post! Have fun in the sun, sand and sea.

Rob C said...

Ciao! So I'm reading your blog from the beach from my subbed here in Fetihye, Turkey :-)