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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hemingway in Venice update

Hemingway has a very distinctive screech. For such a little guy, he is VERY loud. And that's a good thing, because we've been able to hear him every night since we put him back out in the trees in front of our apartment, so we know at least that he is still alive.

We've had some torrential downpours since the day Mike spotted Hemingway in the grass.  It was probably a bad storm that knocked him from a tree in the first place. Because of the bad weather, we've kept a close eye out for him, just in case his little self was blown off a limb and down into the grass again. So far, he's been ok up in the trees. Clearly he is flying better. We hear his screeching from quite a ways down the park from our apartment, and then he returns closer.

Last night we didn't hear him around his normal time (around 11pm), and of course, I started to panic. Mike was ready to take his flashlight out to begin searching for Hemingway again.  Being the worried parent, I had a tough time falling asleep wondering what had happened to him, hoping he was ok.  Hours passed.  Nothing. I finally went to bed, thinking the worst had occurred to Hemingway. I reminded myself that he's a wild bird, and nature needed to take it's course, whatever that may be.

Around 4 am, Mike and I were awakened by a loud screeching just outside our window. We looked at each other, each of us saying at the same time, "It's Hemingway, he's safe!"  And then I wanted to give that owl a serious talking to for having stayed out past his bedtime!


Yvonne said...

There's always some darn thing with kids. Will you ground him for a few days?

karen said...

LOL, Yvonne. hemingway is living 30 feet up in the trees above me. He didn't like being on the ground with us the one day we had him, do you think he'd fly down to take a punishment? Perhaps if he had to go on the naughty limb! ( there's a Tv show where they use the naughty step and time outs to discipline kids).

Dianne said...

I'm curious - Have you seen any indication of the parent adult owls nearby? They have to be somewhere.

karen said...

Dianne- we thought the parents would be nearby too, but little Hemingway screamed his head off night after night for weeks. We hear him now and then now, he is flying well and is all over Sant'Elena, but no sign of parents!