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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fritelle + Confetti = CARNEVALE!

I know, my title today looks like a bit of really weird math. It is an equation, an equation for fun in Venice.

After taking down the Christmas decorations - and you know in Italy you don't take them down until January 6 which is Epiphany - it was a dreary January here in Venice. It rained. And then it rained some more. And then it kept on raining.  And then there was fog. Thick fog. The one thing we had to look forward to was the first sightings of fritelle to arrive in the bakeries around town. It was somewhere around mid January. The second you see the fritelle arriving, you know Carnevale isn't far behind.

 Fritelle are fried dough, with currents and pine nuts in the dough. They can be plain, rolled in sugar or stuffed with an assortment of goodies such as nutella, crema, zabaione, and ricotta.

The other harbinger of Carnevale that I look for is confetti on the streets. When I see the confetti, I know Carnevale is even closer. You an almost smell it in the air, it's that special. Confetti  has been spotted in several locations in the last couple of days, with lots of it in Campo Santa Margherita. I'm counting down days to Carnevale from here on in.

This year, Carnevale begins on February 15 and runs until March 4. The theme is Wonder and Fantasy Nature.  Join me through the whole month as I introduce you to Venetian masks and some of my favorite authentic mask makers around the city, costumes and some of the wonderfully talented people who make them, and the major activities of Carnevale taking place in and around  St. Mark's square.

To whet your appetite, here's a photo of one of my favorite costumes from Carnevale 2013.  I can't wait to see what's in store this year.

To learn more about this year's Carnevale program, check out the offical website at http://www.carnevale.venezia.it/index.php


Vagabonde said...

I have never heard or tasted a fritelle – and your photo showed that it must be a tasty treat. I found the recipe on the web, and may try it. This is where I found it (a site I did not know) http://isacookinpadua.altervista.org/frittelle-alla-veneziana.html

karen said...

Thanks, Vagabonde!
I hope you do get to try some fritelle, they are positively addictive!

Dianne said...

Looking forward to your photos and reports of costumes for this year's Carnevale...But I will also be there myself and am so excited. Will send you an email to set up a meeting.

Patty said...

Your blog is wonderful. I love your choice of one of your best costumes from 2013. I live in Pordenone and plan to come visit Carnevale again this year. -I'll be following you

karen said...

Thanks, Patty!When will you be here? I'm looking forward to another year of great photos! Let's cross our fingers for lots of sun (and we need it, don't we?)