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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A little bit more Christmas in Venice

It's not Christmas in Venice without at least a few sightings of Santa Claus..opps... make that Babbo Natale!  Santa delivers gifts to good children (but of course, only the good ones) by climbing up the balconies on rope ladders. No chimneys to climb down here in Venice. Here's a selection of a few Babbo's I spotted yesterday on my walk from Sant'Elena to Via Garibaldi.

I loved this one, looks like he's rapelling down to the window! Brave Babbo!

In addition to Babbo sightings, you can't help but know it's the Christmas season when you start seeing all the Panetone's stacked up in all the bakery windows.

And while this guy isn't quite the same as the other Babbo Natale's I've seen, I had a hard time passing -him by. This life size Babbo - well, at least my size Babbo (he's as tall as I am)- is standing in front of a shop on Via Garibaldi.  I particularly love his fur trim jacket and hat. Fits right in with winter in Venice.

 Yes, there are Christmas trees (alberi di Natale) in Venice. Not many, but you can find them. These are at the little nursery close to the Giardini vaporetto stop. Most likely you would need the vaporetto to get the tree home after buying it. Can't imagine carrying a live tree through Venice. As much as I regretted giving up having a live tree when we moved here, we did break down and by a very nice "imitation" one a couple of years ago.

I loved the red balls on this gate decoration on Sant'Elena. Note the Babbo Natale at the window ....

And finally....it wouldn't be Christmas in Venice without some Murano glass Santa sightings. This whimsical little tiny one standing only 2 inches high  is in our living room.  It's blown by Igor Balbi, a talented glassblower who has a shop near the Rialto market.

Buon Natale from our house to yours!


Anonymous said...

Totally enjoyed this! Love experiencing Venice anew through your eyes. (Celeste)

Dianne said...

Karin, Your tree is lovely. Is the guy who made the Murano Santa, the same one as you wrote about a year or two ago?
Keep warm. I've no plans for Venice this year (although that can always change). Hope to make Carnavale in 2014!

karen said...

Grazie, Diane!

No,that glass blower is Mauro Vianello- who I absolutely adore. Mauro does almost all minatures, figurines. Just beautiful work. The one who did the Santa is Igor Balbi, has a new shop opened about a year and a half. Igor does some very different stuff, absolutely gorgeous, mostly wine glasses, bowls, sculpture/art pieces. The only minatures I've in his shop is his Santa collection. The one I have I purchased last Christmas. In fact, I think I need to go over to Igor's tomorrow and get another Santa!

See you Carnevale 2014!!
Buon Natale!

Anonymous said...

My mum bought one of these little Santas last year... We watched how they we making them using the little glass rods! It's so cute she refuses to pack it away with the rest of the Christmas decorations!

Andrew said...

Have a blesses Christmas, Karen.

karen said...

Grazie, Andrew. Same back to you!!! Buon Natale e Buon Anno!!!!

karen said...

Dear Anonymous- You mum and I think alike. I wanted to keep my little Santa out all year too!!! Aren't they perfect???

Anonymous said...

Ciao a tutti. Sono Igor Balbi, volevo dirvi che il piccolo babbo natale che si vede nella foto è stato realizzato da mia moglie Schantalle Menegus. Vi saluto e vi invito a visitare da febbraio il nostro nuovo negozio in campo Santa Maria mater domini. Ciao

karen said...

Ciao Igor! Sono la moglie di Mike, l'Americano che tu conosci. Grazie per la notizia del nuovo negozio. ci vediamo!!

Ann said...

Hello Karen-
I just ran across your page while searching Google. I was in Venice on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day a few years ago with family and, of course, was charmed by all of the Babbo Natales dangling from balconies. I have been trying to find out where to purchase a couple of them and am getting nowhere! Any thoughts on a good Italian shopping site where I might have some luck. My name is Ann Roehrs and my email address is parisgirl2015i@gmail.com