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Sunday, March 4, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

 First- many, many thanks for the kind words of support and comfort after Sam's passing.

I am heartbroken to now write that our beloved corgi, Leopold passed away two days ago after having spent 3 days in the emergency veterinary hospital in Mestre. After Sam passed, Leo wouldn't eat or drink.  He went to the vet's for an IV on Tuesday afternoon,  but took a turn for the worse shortly after that. Mike rushed him to Mestre where they did everything they could to save him.  There are no explanations, we are now convinced he died of a broken heart.  This little guy brought us great joy. R.I.P sweet Leopold.

And, other news-- on a happier note- the vegetable boat at Campo San Barnaba has indeed reopened recently. We are delighted to know that some young, local Venetians have decided to take it over, and that this wonderful Venetian landmark will continue on into the future.


Rob C said...


You are still in our thoughts.

Rob & Natalie

Dianne said...

Oh no Karen and Mike. I am so very sorry for your loss of your Leopold. I think you are right that he died of a broken heart. Whoever said that dogs are just dogs doesn't know what it is to have them in one's family. Take care of yourselves. My thoughts are with you tonight.


Elizabeth said...

Karen, I am so sorry. Two beloved pets in one week. :-(

Jan Pag said...

Dear Karen, that is so, so sad - I hope that your heart's don't break as well, hugs, Jane

Linda Sue said...

Heart breaking, like the thump of a sledge hammer right to the center. I am so sorry, and so sad for you. There is really no where to put the sorrow over our pups and kitties except to rationalize that there is a big green soft romp for them and loads of biscuits on the other side.

Tim The Nomad said...

Karen, there's not much I can add to your comments. I am sure animals are capable of affection and are not as 'dumb' as we are led to believe.

It is particularly pleasing that you add in your posting the excellent news that the boat has started trading again. News like this heartens me as every visit to Venice there seems to be one real business less every time.

There used to be a bookshop somewhere behind San Pantalon and another by the Bassino Orseolo. The art shop nearby is now half the size it used to be. Venice is still clinging on and must not be allowed to turn into a place for day trippers.

I have also decided to spend two weeks in Venice and try to learn some Italian at the Istituto Venezia. The flights are arranged, I just need to confirm everything with the school and I will be there. You have been the catalyst for this. You are a remarkable person. I found your blog when I was Googling Imagina (my partner and I discovered it in 2004 when we were on holiday) and it is one of our favourite haunts.

Marisa said...

So sorry to hear your latest news Karen. My condolences to you. Leopold probably really did die of a broken heart. Pets are very sensitive to these things and really have a sixth sense.
Glad to hear about the vegetable boat. It is good that a tradition and part of the Venetian culture has been saved.
Best Regards

Andrew said...

Tough times for you both. In our thoughts. Regards Andrew

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

It must have been a broken heart, how sad for him and you.

karen said...

Tim, thanks so much for your message. How fabulous to 2 weeks studying Italian here. Since you will be at the Institute, you will be spending lots of time in Campo Santa Margherita! When you come, please make sure to let me know so we can meet up at Imagina!!! Please don't forget! See you in Venice !

Andrew said...

Hi Karen sometimes things like this are sent to try us we currently have a dog that is on borrowed time with us we love him very much so will be broken hearted when we loose him. Our thoughts go out to you but you can still get up in the morning and walk out into one of the most amazing cities on the planet
regards Andrew from Australia

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your loss(es) Karen. It seems to happen that way quite often...where one passes and then the one left is, like you said, broken hearted. I feel your pain!
Howard - NYC

Susie L said...

Karen, I found your wonderful blog through my friend Yvonne's blog. I have spent the last few weeks reading every single post, thank you for providing me with such enjoyment.

How terrible for you to have lost both of your babies in such a short period of time. They both have such great expressions on their faces, intelligent and smiling. What adventurous lives you gave them!

BTW, I love Imagina and Mood too!

Melinda said...

I enjoy "checking in" to your blog to see what's going on in Venice. So sorry to hear that your doggies have passed away :(
Long distance 'hug' from a fellow traveler.
gypsypipergirl -- Melinda

Lynda said...

Oh My God, how awful. That is so sad that they both passed. I definitely believe he died of a broken heart. That's so sad.

Dianne said...

To Time The Nomad,

I have studied three times at Istituto Venezia (once with private lessons). You will really love it and being in Venice for two weeks will be heavenly. I too am glad about the vegetable boat. I would see it every day as I went to and from the vaporetto stop at Ca' Rezonico


jane said...

sorry for your loss.
Loosing a family member regardless of gender or species is a hard hit. They leave a gap and it takes a while to recover. at least Spring is on its way , the return of the boat is good news .
I plan to shop there later in the year e ti offro un cafe'

Ellen said...

I do believe our pets ache with sorrow as we do. I am so sorry for the loss of your little Leopold so soon after Sam's passing. I know our little Stewie grieved after the passing of our Golden Annie. He only would sleep and not play...he did eat. Maybe the kitties kept his spirits up or my constant trying to encourage him.

Take care....and so very sorry for you losses.

Bridget said...

Dear Karen,

I can only say I am very sorry about your loss, both Leopold and Sam. Dogs are members of the family and saying good bye is never ever easy. I hope your memories carry you thru the tough times...

I also want to say I love your blog, thanks for sharing your Venice life!



Eric K. said...

Hi Karen,

I'm so sorry to hear about Sam and Leo. They were both wonderful dogs and friends.