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Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Earthquake!!!

Early this afternoon, another terremoto (earthquake) shook our apartment. What the heck is going on in Italy this week??  The epicenter was again near Parma, and about the same intensity as the first one a few days ago. Fortunately for everyone in Italy, no damage was suffered as a result of either of these events.  After everything was over, Mike and I had a little discussion about what it might have been like if the epicenter had been here in Venice. Surely we would have been covered by our building. It's 4 stories high, and we are on the second floor. It's got lots of marble, brick and big thick wooden beams throughout the whole building.  After thinking about all this, I now have an escape plan in mind should we need it in the future. I'm grabbing a big trash bag, throwing my computer, passport, phone and money into this. Then I'm grabbing the dogs and we're jumping into the canal. I am betting the canal is safer than land in a situation like this.


Ribbonnibbler said...

Wow another earthquake! I agree, the canal would probably be safer!

Jan Pag said...

We have been watching the earthquakes on the map and wondered if you felt them.
Not sure if we will be coming next week as I have sprained my ankle and got a couple of chips off a bone - back to the trauma clinic on Thursday to see if I am fit to travel. I am being very good and doing nothing except ice and elevate, and going stir crazy. Fingers crossed!

karen said...

Jan- take care of yourself!!!!You know how tough Venice streets can be on your bones and joints. I also will cross fingers - and light a few candles!

Dylan_Hablah said...

A bit late, but actually jumping into the canal would be far more dangerous. Just being in Venice is a danger in the event of a major Earthquake, but don't jump into the canal.

Because, like in a bathtub when you move and the water splashes from side to side, the same would happen with the canal. Essentially, you and everything and everyone with you would be smashed into the walls repeatedly and dragged either out to sea or further inland, depending on the currents.

The trashbag bit is a good idea, but instead of the canal it would be a better idea to find a doorway and crouch beneath it, hands over your head and head between your knees. If you could get under some stairs, that would be better. And preparation for flooding would be a good idea.

Man that sounds interesting, though. Two earthquakes in the same month, both around the same area! I would love to study that!