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Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Vaporetto line numbers

Recently, ACTV announced a renumbering of several vaporetto lines, effective November 2, 2011.  Here's a handy chart to help make the transition. I can't even imagine what kind of havoc this is going to cause with all the maps of Venice having the old numbering system on them. I still see maps with Line 82 (changed to number 2 several years ago) on them. All very confusing for tourists, I'm sure.

Everything looks pretty easy enough, except for whatever they did to the LN line. It's now 10, 12, 14 and 14L ??

 It will be lots of fun for awhile. I'd better print this chart out!  


Michelle said...

Ciao, Karen, I've missed you.
I'll have to look up this chart and study it. Only a little over a year and I'll be there!

Rob C said...


Whose nephew dreamt this up?

I'll have to download a new map, but the ACTV website doesn't even mention the renaming!


karen said...

Rob, I got this chart from the ACTV site. On the main page, down towards the bottom they have a few little boxes with pictures in them. You'll find the announcement of new numbers there.

When are you headed back? We must meet up,

Rob C said...

Definitely. We're back on Dec 23rd for one week. Just have to decide whether we're gonna do midnight mass on Xmas Eve.


karen said...

Rob- if you haven't been to midnight mass in St. Mark's before, it's certainly a wonderful experience. Let me know what nights you have free, we'll make a plan.

Rob C said...


We went in 2008, but as Natalie was really suffering (she was recovering from a nasty Flu bug, so was totally drained) we gave up and left at about 01.30.

It was fantastic to see the interior of the Basilica so brightly lit, we had seats right at the front (queued since 10pm) and loved it, but needed our beds.

I'm just a bit worried about getting back to Guidecca at 2am on Christmas Morning. Last year there was a 'glitch' and no boats until almost 4 am!

Nomad said...

Just as I thought I was getting the hang of the vaporetto routes they have to do this! In London they have fiddled about with bus routes over the years. One old bus (formerly tram) route was taken out for some time and then introduced on a totally different route altogether. At least that doesn't seem to be quiet the case here.