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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Vogalonga 2010- getting ready

Each year, in May, boaters from around the world converge on Venice to participate in the Vogalonga, a 30km race from San Marco, around the lagoon islands, and back down the Grand Canal to end at St. Mark's square. I am lucky enough to live in the area of where the boaters all travel on their way to where they must queue up for the beginning of the race, so I just stand on the top of the closest bridge and get a great view of all the excitement below.

There are over 1600 boats entered this year, all of the rowing variety, from one man to multiple man boats. I'm not a rower, but wish I were. I'm particularly in awe of all the people rowing in the Venetian style, standing up.

What a beautiful day for a rowing event on the Grand Canal!


Michelle said...

Absolutely gorgeous pics, Karen. From the weather report it's much warmer than when I saw you in March.

karen said...

Ciao, Michelle!

You are right, we're getting low to mid 80 degree days now. This is actually just about perfect !

Hope you are well and happy,

Yvonne said...

No wonder you're happily settled into your new life!

It looks like there were many people in kayaks.

Buongiorno, Sig. Leopold, and your mate!

Maxine Oliver said...

Ciao Karen
Love the pictures. It looks like a really beautiful day for rowing..

karen said...

Ciao, Maxine!!! How are you? Yes, it was a glorious day, couldn't have asked for a better one.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone
I live in Cambridge UK and love rowing. My rowing crew (eight)are toying with 'living our dream' and trying to row in the vogalonga this year. Is it remotely possible to hire or borrow a boat for 8/10 to row on the day? I suppose we could try any type of rowing....If anyone has any idea, could they post me some tips?

karen said...

For the group wanting to rent a boat for Vogalonga, try checking out Venice Kayak. If anyone can help you out, they can. Here's their website: