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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A celebrity sighting today

Venice get's it's fair share of celebrities, that's for sure, but through all of our visits here, and now 2 years of living here full time, I've seen none. That's right, none, until today.

And no,it was not Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie, who are actually IN Venice for 3 months filming The Tourist. You'd think I would have seen one of their shoots, at least.

None the less, I am happy to report that about 10 am this morning at the Rialto, I spotted Rick Steves, by himself, speaking with an Italian looking woman and making notes in a little notebook. I was sure it was Rick Steves, and confirmed that as soon as I heard his voice. I waited for a minute until they were done talking, then asked if I could interrupt for a second. I asked if he was Rick Steves, he looked a bit surprised I recognized him, then smiled, said, yes, he was, and shook my hand.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, Rick Steves is well known in America as a travel writer. He has published numerous books on traveling through Europe, and does many TV shows and specials. My first trip through Italy was done with one of his books in hand. OK, so not an actor or actress, or royalty, but still a celebrity.


Anonymous said...

I always loved Rick's travel shows, but always cringe when I see how stereotypical he is as an American tourist!

marybeth said...

I met Rick Steves in Le Cinque Terre on my first trip to Italy in 2006...it was amusing, as many people there had found the place because of his books, which they were carrying around with them. I actually ran into him twice, on the Via dell'Amore, and at the train station in Manarola. He had what seemed to be an interpreter with him....going against his own advice to not worry about being able to speak Italian? Chissa?