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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leopold goes to church

This is Leopold. You never can tell what he'll be up to.... here's last nite's fun.....

Last nite, around 9:30, we decided to walk the dogs to our usual spot, Campo Santa Margharita. Most Venetian dogs walk unleashed. We sort of admire that actually, but our two dogs haven't become completely Venetian yet. We do let go of the leash from time to time to see how they'll do. They actually do pretty well. But, by and large, they get hitched up before we open the apartment door. And off we go....

To be honest, Leopold, our Corgi, has done pretty well off-leash, at least there are no streets filled with cars they can run into and get hit. He tends to want to stay right at your heels anyway, not that he is concerned at all about HIM minding you, basically what is going on is that Leo is herding US. That's just what Corgi's do.

Last nite as we walked, Mike and I were noting that it had been awhile since Leo was out loose, and next thing I know Mike bends down to unleash the dog. Leo's doing nicely, I don't pay any more attention. My dog Sam and I begin to get ahead of the others, we are already over the bridge and in front of the church at Carmini. It's 9:30 ish, I see the church doors are open and lights are on, I hear voices coming from it. That's a bit unusual. So Sam and I stop at the doorway for a peek in. There are only a handful of people inside, way up front in the first row of pews, and there is a priest doing what looks like performing a mass of some sort. I'm just looking, when all of a sudden I notice Leopold has entered the church, and is headed down the aisle!!!!!! OH, bedlam is about to ensue!!!

I can't run (arthritis in my knees), and I have Sam on his leash, so I am just about screaming to Mike to run come get Leo out of church. Mike says "What???".

In the mean time Leo has stopped going up the aisle, thank goodness, but is having a good look-see for himself. By this time Mike has arrived at the doorway and is whispering, "Leo, get back over here". Fortunately, Leo is basically a good boy. He just looked back at us, turned his big fat Corgi self around, and trotted himself out the church door.

Thank you, Lord. One big mishap avoided. I can only imagine what that priest would have said if Leo had arrived up at the altar with him.


Dianne said...

Karen, The priest probably would have given him a blessing. If the Italians are anything like the French, they love dogs.

PS enjoy continuing to read your blog. I have decided that Venice is my favorite Italian city.

jacreding said...

I was cringing as I read your post because I nearly had this same thing happen with my cairn terrier this past August...in the same church! We have an apartment just around the corner from Carmini and our terrier does what terriers do if he is ever allowed free rein. He runs. I have chased him down Calle Lungha San Barnaba more times than I care to remember and the last time, he decided to hook a left to try to throw me off his trail. He bolted straight over the bridge heading for Carmini and Campo Santa Margherita with me screaming behind him, and many nice Venetians alternately laughing at me or trying (failingly) to catch him. Had my terrier actually made it inside the church, he NEVER would have turned back to my call. He would have headed straight for the priest, barking his fool head off all the way. I so envy the other dog owners in Venice and wonder what sort of Italian magic dog spell they must know that I don't!

karen said...

Jacreding--- Thanks so much for posting, I had a great laugh reading about your terrier. We should get the dogs out to meet in Campo Santa Margharita one of these days!!!