We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Living the dream- 4 am on Rio Cazziola - part two

I have to say, as annoyed as I have been at being woken at 4am every morning by screaming seagulls, I would never have discovered something else going on here on Rio Cazziola at that hour of the morning if it weren’t for the birds.

I’m not sure why I do this, but since I am awake, I get up out of the bed and go open the back door. The dogs usually run down the back steps into the garden, and I wait for them. That’s how I discovered another early activity here on our canal. There on the back steps I am catching the whiff of some wonderful smells. What can this be? OH MY--- the Panifico just across the bridge and two doors down is baking bread here just across from my back door! Yes, that is what this heavenly smell is.

The scent of freshly baking bread is intoxicating. Every morning between 4-5 am I am treated to one of life’s simple pleasures, the smell of fresh bread floating across the canal and right through my open windows. This might just be the perfect way to start the day. A little early for me, but the trade off seems worth it.

Tops on the con list for keeping the shutters wide open is the luscious smell of fresh bread. There is no dilemma here, the cons win. I tolerate the birds, and waking up early. The birds stop squawking after 10 minutes, and I am left with such a special treat.

We are living the dream here! Not only have we found ourselves dropped into a little slice of paradise right here on the corner of our two canals, we are also blessed with the heavenly smells of fresh bread every day.

Life is good.


Mary Ann said...

I love your blog. You weave a great story about life and its many facets. I started reading expats blogs from Italy and now am obsessed with them. My only fault with yours is, I miss it when I check in and see you haven't updated and wish you wrote more often, although, I am sure it's time consuming. I live in mid-America, Okla. City in fact and envy your lifestyle. When I start to fuss about bureacratic nonsense, I will try to smile and remember your citizenship woes. Keep up the good blog!

karen said...

Mary Ann- Many thanks! You are right, I know I need to keep posting more, just have been swamped recently. But I have moved blogging up on my task list.. you should be seeing more of me!!! Ciao from Venice!!!

Paula said...

hi karen, i just discovered your captivating blog while perusing details on vaporetti passes for my 3 week november stay in a s. elena flat. i too have the passion for living in venice and i am starting with this tiny step. your zest for la vita di venezia is inspiring and i would very much like to share a coffee w/you this autumn.
btw...what is your recommendation for vaporetti passes for a 3 week stay?
thanks for being there and writing about it!

karen said...

Paula-- I'd love to meet you when you are here in the fall.

Your best bet for Vaporetto tickets is to buy multiple 72 hour passes, if you feel you are going to use the boat enough times.

Shannon said...

Mom...seriously...update us already! I, as well as all your internet fans, rely on your blogs to stay connected to you and your slice of Venetian life.

So please, put down the pasta fork and type. I miss your stories...and you. :)