We've moved from Baltimore, Maryland USA to Venice, Italy in pursuit of living our dream!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Living the dream- Mike leaves for Italy tomorrow!

I cannot believe how fast the last few weeks have flown by. We've been waiting for this for over a year now---and tomorrow Mike and his dog Leopold fly to Venice.
He is packed and ready, but my stomach is turning flips tonight!

Mike has been putting items in his suitcases for the last several days now. I've had moments where I was regretting our decision to send him first. I really want to travel together! But, I still have the notion that one of us over there on the ground first to check out the apartment is the right way to go. If there is something he needs, we have time for him to let me know and I can try to get it into my luggage. We're both taking extra suitcases.

I insisted he take towels. I love Italy, but I don't like their idea of bath towels. They are like dish towels to me --and the thin ones at that! I have to admit, I love soft, fluffy, thick towels. So two towels went into his bags, 2 more will go with me. We will be hanging them out on the clothesline since we don't have a dryer in the apartment there, but at least I will have thick towels!! No dryer may be the biggest adjustment I'll have to face.

We also packed a set of sheets. We have no clue yet if there are pillows or a blanket in the apartment, we're crossing our fingers on that one. Mike also took all of his favorite kitchen utensils in a shoe box, a few of his cookbooks, and his french press.

Even Leopold, the dog, is ready. He's been acclimating to his crate for the last 2 weeks, doing fine with it. The dogs both got microchipped, and all of their paperwork has been completed by the vet. We've checked and double checked with the airline. We're absolutely sure we have everything necessary for them.

Tomorrow around noon we'll load up the car and head for Dulles airport. We're about an hour and a half from there. Once there we have to check in Leo and Mike. The flight is from DC to Frankfurt, then a connecting flight from Frankfurt to Marco Polo airport in Venice.

We were in a panic all last week since we had not heard any word about how to pick up keys for the apartment yet. Finally we made contact with Nicola, the woman we have been negotiating this with since October. She tells us she is sending her father to the airport to meet up with Mike and Leo. I will be on pins and needles all morning on Tuesday waiting to hear how everything works out.

Wish us luck!!!


Val said...

Mike and Karen,

Good luck and blessings to both of you and the dogs. Will look forward to hearing about your setling in.

karen said...

Thanks Val!!! Mike sent pics this morning, I'll have to get them posted ASAP.